Friday, December 2, 2016

NOTD: Iluminati

All over the World and Social media you can only find only 2 themes now - Holiday cheer or Crazy political conspiracy themes that make people go mad. Since I already did and will make a lot more of Christmas manicures, I decided to make a weird one just to remind you all of the crazy world out there that is hidden under the layer of snow and X-mas trees ;)

I am just kidding - I just discovered I have a bunch of eye shaped stamping plates and I just finished re-reading Dan Browns book Angels & Demons - so why not make Iluminati art? There is still plenty of time to make more Holiday nails - and trust me I am overflowing with ideas :) 

For this manicure I used Golden Rose 101 nude base polish. The stamps are all decals made with Essence stamp me! black. I painted them in with Essence Wild white ways and Trend it up 210. The stamping plates I used are BP-39, BM-S307, BM-S303 and Cici & Sisi Geometry 01. At the end I added a big turquoise marble stud to give it some dimension. 

If you are bored with all the Festive beauty posts, visit Glam - express which is a place full of beauty posts that are not all about X-Mas. 


Sunday, November 27, 2016

TUTORIAL: Pastel snowfall nails

You are so not on point! Pastels are only from Spring time ... I disagree! Here let me show you how to wear pastels on your nails in the Winter time and make it seem like that is where they belong :) 

For this manicure you need a good white base polish, I choose Essence Wild white ways. 3 different pastels - Catrice Lilactric, Peach love & harmony, Zoya Rayne. Also a fun stamping plate with snowflakes, I choose QA86 and a pastel pink stamping polish BPS Pink. I also choose some simple white round studs

Step 1: Apply white base nail polish.
Step 2: Apply your 1st pastel polish. I used the dry brush technique - you can use the brush in the polish or a extra one. All you need to do it to drain it of all the polish and then gently brush it over the nail. Even if you think all the polish is gone there is always a bit more left so you can make a nice streak.
Step 3: Apply the 2nd polish, it is best to not make all the lines in the same spots so the nail art gets some dynamic in it. Also the white base gives the pastels some extra life. 
Step 4: Apply the 3rd polish.
Step 5: Apply the bright pink stamps of snowflakes. I like how they blend into the background.
Step 6: Clean up the edges of your nails. Also add the small white round studs in the center of each snowflake to make it seem like they are falling.

And here is the end result. I like how low key and simple they look from far away - but when you come closer you realize all the intricate details inside. 

Are you ready for winter? I must admit I already miss the Summer sunshine :)

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

AVON nail polish and Quick dry nail spray

Today I have for you a review of the dream team that will get you ready for any party that will be happening in the upcoming months :) Avon has a lot of fun new nail polish shades that match the upcoming season that just screams shiny metals and glitters. At the same time they offer a quick dry nail spray that helps with getting ready for your party while having no time to wait for your nails to dry. 

Here you can see the amazing Avon Starry sky nail polish that comes from their nailwear pro+ line. It features an extra glossy formula that is chip resistant. It has a flat and soft brush bristles with a straight edge. Meaning it is very simple to apply the nail polish on the nail, so the streaking is easily avoidable. But the formula is not the best, since I needed to apply 3 thick coats to achieve the full opacity. 

As you can see it is a silver shade of nail polish. But it is made out of silver shimmery micro glitter that with each application forms a united base. But if you still look close, you can see that the surface is just a mix of small silver glitters. The effect is a lavish kaleidoscope of silver that shimmers in all directions and gives the feel of utter glam.

Lastly here is the Avon Liquid freeze quick dry nail spray. It comes in a very handy spray form that helps you just spray it on the manicure you created and it forces it to dry faster. It smells a bit fruity and fresh, with a few chemical undertones. Since the spray is so oily and rich in texture it instantly enriches and moisturizes your skin where ever it lands. That is always a plus, since any nail blogger can tell you that your cuticles need all the love they can get, especially i the dry winter months. 
I don't like that since if you spray your nails it will get on your skin and there it stays as a big oil blob. And the point of the spray is that you can get back to work ASAP, but that is hindered a bit. So yeah, it does dry and harden your manicure a bit faster, but the results are not immediate. Also maybe wash or wipe your hands after using it or you will drag the oil that is leftover all over your work. 

The best part of it all no matter where you are from Avon is available to you! So visit their WEB PAGE and online store. Or if you like to be more in touch with all their newest updates follow them on their social media pages:


Monday, November 21, 2016

NOTD: First snow, Glam version

Where I am from the 1st snow is already here! I don't like that one bit since I am not a big fan of the colder months. But I do like the trends full of  dark colors and fancy designs that come back in vouge at this time of the year. So I decided to try and capture that on my nails.

Here is my interpretation of glam design & colors, sprinkled with glitter that looks like snow. And I think it turned out great! Don't you just love how the gradient shifts colors and fits the overall fancy theme? And the multi shaped glitter looks like actual snow falling ... So romantic and even a bit gothic - just how I like it! Who says all festive nails must feature green & red? 

For this manicure I used Chic I'll break your heart, Models own Purple glare and OPI I just can't cope-acabana as the gradient base. The snowflakes are Essence Truth or dare. The stamps are made with Essence Stamp me! black and Moyra Ornaments 3 plate

For more ideas on how to celebrate the upcoming festive season with nail art and make up looks visit the page Glam - express. 


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Movember - AXE Anti - Hangover shower gel review

It is Movember time! And time to celebrate all the 'mens' in our life. I wanted to create a post featuring a some type of beard or mustache beauty product - but that wouldn't make sense. My BF doesn't have a beard or mustache, nor do I *I am working on it thou* 
So that wouldn't make sense, since I can't review those. But I can review this AXE Anti-Hangover shower gel, that I got my man the one time he sent me to the store to buy him a shower gel. And I just had to take it home with me. 

I must admit if I run out of my shower gel I use his since this thing smells amazing! I have no idea what anti-hangover wake up smells like ... but I can tell you it is unisex :) 
It smells very neutral and fresh. It has hints of menthol and lime but with a slight musk. It is amazing to use since it does kind off keep you up a bit with the fresh feeling it leaves on your skin. At the same time that feeling and crisp smell stays with you for quite some time. Just the pick me up someone needs after a night partying. 

I love the color of the gel - neon green <3 I must admit I don't like the sticker you see above. It feels like only single guys are supposed to use this - and what do the normals guys supposed to use? The ones who don't need 3 new girlfriends . . . But I think I am the only one who thinks that since all the AXE commercials are like that :) 

In conclusion this shower gel is amazing!  A great gift if you are looking for something fun to give to your man. Also a great back up shower gel for you ;)


*this item was purchased by me*

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mont Bleu glass files review

Ladies hold on to your hats - this post will change your world! Because it did mine! 
I was blessed with the option to try out the magical Mont Bleu glass files and they are amazing! I literally don't use any others anymore - which sucks since I hoard files like crazy. But I am never going back to any other type of files. 

Below you can see the 2 files that are my newest go - to items that I use when it is time for a quick fix or a shape up. And yes they all look so glam and fancy! <3

So what is the point of glass files anyways? Until now I thought they are only a fancy marketing strategy - but now I know better. Before I used the classic cardboard files and I hated them, since they seem inefficient and they wore out so fast. 

These here are Czechs crystal glass nail files, that work amazing - and are perfect for anyone who has nails like mine, that are prone to peeling in layers. When you use the file, you make only one way motion, so you close off the edge of your nail. Therefore the chipping and peeling doesn't happen as much. Which is the problem that is created with both ways filing that is the technique used with classic files. 

Another bonus is they are durable! I can't express how happy the fact that, they are reusable makes me! All you need to do is to rinse it off with some hot water, maybe even use some sensitizer or UV light to clean it, and you are good to go. Meaning they are amazing for any nail salon that works with natural nails. 

Here you can see the 'big boy' black gradient nail file named the Glass foot file that I used the most. I could even choose the gradient colors and everything! The folks at Mont Bleu are so kind, they can make any type of costume made designs you would like. This one here has 2 different coarsens, so you can even use it for shaping and smoothing out the edges. They are described as files meant for foot calluses, but I just can't bring myself to use it on my feet, since I love it so much <3

As you can see my natural nails are loving the files. They were never so long or healthy, they always broke off or peeled in layers. This relay changed my nail game <3 

This is my beloved Aquarius glass crystal nail file from their Zodiac line. How lucky I am to be gifted this file with my sign on it? Can you see the adorable little sea king on top? They come in 3 sizes and are topped with Swarowski crystals. The perfect Christmas gift for any of your manicure loving friends. The file comes in a nice velvet sleeve (like the 'big boy' one) which makes it safe. Also it is 13,5 cm in size, which is a nice classic size that makes it a great travel companion.

Like the other one it is created with tampered glass, that makes is very durable, and honestly I was constantly afraid I might break it. But when you see how thick they are, with the added protection of the velvet sleeve and careful usage you can see that there is no worry to break them.

Prague the center of Czech republic was since always a focus point of glass artisans and now they must become the crystal glass nail files kings of the World!!! I just can't believe I was missing out on this for so long <3
Visit their online stores -

When you are there feel free to use the 20% off CUPON CODE named BLOG. (usable only on their E-Shop)

Also follow them on their social media - where you can see all their inspirational updates where they feature a lot of their unique items -

*the items were sent to me for my honest review*


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

NOTD: Summer nails re-imagined for Fall

I recently fell in love with my nail design! Like Romeo & Juliette fell in love! I wore that look for over a week - which is like a month in nail art blogger time. So you know it was special. And I decided to try and re imagine it in Fall / Winter colors for the recent season since I just can't part with them :)

This is what I came up with and I fell in love all over again <3 

Here you can see the Summer nail design I swoon over - I call it the Neon witch look. I just can't get enough of the neon gradient, flakies and stamps. But neons are soooo last season, they just don't fit the cold months. 

Below you see how I redesigned the last look. I choose the same color sequence when making the ombre look. I also used the same flakies to give it extra dimension. But this time I used a few more subtle and minimalistic stamps so the gradient is a bit more visible. 

To create this look I used Catrice Heavy metallilac, Cosmic pink and Blue brothers vol.II to create the gradient base. The flakies are Essence A winters tale. The stamps are made with Blueness 001 plate and Models own Chrome gold. 

For more fun make up and nail looks visit Glam - express, where you can see bloggers from all over the World showing off their beauty skills.

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